Friday, March 6, 2009

Announcement: Pittsburgh New Works Festival Selection!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Exciting news from Phase 3 Productions!

This past Monday was the play selection meeting for the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. For us here at Phase 3 Productions it was a particularly exciting event. In many ways New Works is going to be our D├ębutante Ball. Our staged reading will be our first major theatrical event, so we're effectively coming out to theatre society. Like the metaphoric d├ębutante, we stand in our pretty gown waiting both nervously and eagerly for our grand entrance. We just hope everyone appreciates the effort we've taken to get combat boots that match the dress. That's where the metaphor starts to get sketchy, so it's best to stop now.

Play selection was an incredibly fun experience. There's nothing like gathering a group of talented, bright and enthusiastic individuals together for the same goal. When that goal is to showcase the work of emerging playwrights, the gathering gains an extra something special. To add even more to an already remarkable event, the other companies were fantastic. They were nothing but encouraging and friendly to the wacky new company. Not only are we going to have a great crop of shows this year, we're going to have fun working with everyone else on them!

Now for the part you've all eagerly been awaiting – the announcement of our staged reading. Play evaluation for the Pittsburgh New Works Festival is completely blind. At no time did we know anything about the playwrights we were reading. To our surprise and excitement, we selected a piece by local playwright Sloan MacRae! So, we are proud to present...

Davy Crockett Hates America
by Sloan MacRae
August 31st
at Open Stage
2835 Smallman St

We'll be sure to keep everyone updated as we go. Be sure to check our website ( and the New Works ( to stay up to date!

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