Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pittsburgh New Works Festival

Pittsburgh New Works Festival

Next up on Phase 3 Productions' exciting schedule is The Pittsburgh New Works Festival. If you haven't heard of PNWF (we're going to be lazy and use the acronym from now on), you need to make yourself familiar. Playwrights from all over the world submit one-act plays and local companies choose the best and produce them. It's a simple idea. It's a great one.

There's something special about events like PNWF. Different groups get together. They make a bunch of different shows. They put them together. Everything is different and unique but it comes together to make a whole event. It's certainly the most variety for your buck the entire year.

PNWF has a special place in Phase 3's heart. Last year, before we had produced a single show of our own, we joined the festival to do a staged reading of Davey Crockett Hates America by local playwright Sloan MacRae. This year, Phase 3 Productions is going to be producing a full production. We're very excited to be producing Two Great Falls by Florida playwright Alexandra Tanner. It's Greek mythology, except not the way you're used to. Ovid would certainly raise an eyebrow.

Auditions are on July 25th and 26th. Click here to register a time slot to audition. The Staged Reading series starts on August 23rd and Main Festival begins on September 10th (which also happens to be when Two Great Falls will open). You can find the complete schedule here.

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