Thursday, July 15, 2010

Phase 3 Announces PNWF Play Selection

Phase 3 Productions is proud to announce that we will be producing Rhythm of Revenge by playwright Kathleen Conner Combass for the 20th annual Pittsburgh New Works Festival.

The July 19, 1935, lynching of Rubin Stacy was captured in a series of photographs displayed in the book Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. One of the collected pictures exhibits four young girls and their reactions to Stacy’s hanging, bullet-ridden body. Their faces reveal what happens when innocence is continually exposed to hatred and horrifying brutality.

Rhythm of Revenge is a fictional account of the four photographed girls’ lives set twenty years into the future. Names and incidents surrounding the event are fabricated.  Mary, Barbara, Grace and Abby have been reuniting every year to commemorate their participation in the spectacle lynching of a nomadic black man. This year carries more importance than the others because it marks the twentieth anniversary of the lynching. As the women begin their reunion, individuals seeking revenge interrupt their celebration.

Rhythm of Revenge will be performed during the third week of the festival.  Performances are Thursday and Friday, September 23 and 24 at 8pm; Saturday, September 25 at 5 and 8pm; and Sunday, September 26 at 2pm.  For a full festival schedule, please visit  

For more information, including audition registration and ticket sales, please visit the Pittsburgh New Works Festival web site at

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