Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dress, tech, AAAH!

Thoughts from the cast of Rhythm of Revenge

We were finally at the Father Ryan Arts Center Monday night.  The dressing room was rich with excitement and sweets.  Cloth was wrapped, hot rollers set.  In costume and with props, we, a cast of 8 women, were called to the stage.  As the theatre manager explained the basic rules of the house, I looked out to the empty audience.  I have been fortunate enough to perform on many different stages, literally and figuratively, and I always prefer small intimate "black box" theaters.  Dramatic arts are meant to thrill three of the five senses.  Plays and musicals are suppose to stir emotion within you and take you in, for a small bit of time, then thrust you back to reality.  You should want to reach out your hand and touch the experience.

After our run-thru, a few cast members were very concerned.  "What can we do to bring it up more?"  This is the beauty and magic of Dress/Tech.  Its the first time in costume, with lights and sound.  Its the first time in the space of the stage, and she is an energy unto herself.  Like a first date, you must know your boundaries and be willing to risk crossing them.  You must be respectful, and remember to laugh at yourself. (We MUST laugh as a cast, otherwise we might take on horrible addictions.)  And you should enjoy the moment you are there, because it will be over before you know it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 days to open!

Delilah Brewer-Picart
Actor, "Minona"
Since the content of the play is so deep and heavy, as a cast we make a conscious choice to laugh before every rehearsal. A critical prop was introduced and the dark humor flew. I believe its a true nod to how far we have come as a society to look upon such an ugly representation of the collective American past and laugh out loud. A friend asked me how was work. Its rehearsal, I corrected, and its PLAY. Only in theatre can you portray such ugly and enlightening characters, and then break bread. The cast brings such a wonderful energy, wise and naive, young and seasoned. I am eager to what opening night will bring!